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Millette Photomedia is a stock photo library specializing in botanical and horticultural subjects. High quality pictures of plants and flowers, landscapes and flower beds, garden ornaments, etc.

A new section is now under way: Photos of garden accents and garden designs that inspire you - unique garden designs, attractive color combinations, unusual trees - anything that gives you your warm horticultural feeling.

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Millette photos de plantes: Toutes les images de plantes et fleurs pour vos besoins

Millette Photomedia est une banque de photos spécialisée dans les images reliées à la botanique et à l'horticulture. Photos de qualité de plantes et de fleurs, des photos de paysages et de plates-bandes, photos d'ornements de jardin, etc..

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Millette Photomedia Blog

Intersectional Itoh Peonies

December 1st 2014

Intersectional peonies are also known as Itoh peonies. They are usually the result of hybrids produced by crossing tree peonies with herbaceous peonies. These peonies produce flowers and tree peony foliage on plants that behave like herbaceous peonies. Thus, they end their season by freezing the ground in the cold season and pushing each spring. Their flowers are large like those of tree peonies and foliage is like the tree peony. Paeonia...

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Popular Coreopsis

November 26th 2014

Popular Coreopsis Most Coreopsis (tickseed) are clump forming, holding their daisy-like flowers on tall stems, above the foliage. They have a long bloom period and are generally trouble free and easy to grow. Coreopsis are tolerant of a variety of soil types and environmental conditions, making them a popular choice for gardeners. Tall varieties can reach up to 4 feet in height and are good for the back of the border and in cut flower gardens....

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Leucanthemum: A species of perennial plants that are easier to grow

November 18th 2014

Leucanthemum: A species of perennial plants that are easier to grow. The leaves are dark green with erect stems, usually reaching 40 to 130 centimeters in height, but can occasionally exceed 2 meters, topped with simple flowers, semi-double or double. It is in bloom from June to September and attract butterflies and bees. Generally diseases free, they grow to about 60 cm (2 ft) or more when provided some support. They prefer full sun,...

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Hostas: the best-selling perennial in North America

November 11th 2014

Hostas are primarily grown for their foliage. Hosta flowers are not "dramatic" against all varieties by also produce flowers atop high stems. These flowers range from white to dark blue through various shades of lilac and purple. Some are fragrant. Removing the flowers does not affect a plant any way. The main reason some gardeners remove the flower stalks is because they think the tall stems affect the general appearance of the...

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